Our Story

We are both recently retired and purchased a 2000 Avan Aliner, which we love. We didn't like the incredibly heavy, bulky and cumbersome canvas awning that came with it!

A brainwave resulted in what we believe to be a unique design and we built a prototype. It's very light and can be put up by one person, very easily, within minutes. Bringing it down is just as simple and both operations are performed with roof and walls up. No need to let the weather in!

The prototype was not only perfect for us but generated a huge amount of interest amongst the A-Frame community. In the absence of any other lightweight awning on the market, we were thus persuaded to set up a small business creating amazing awnings.

So, here we are: "Aforawnings" was born.  It's lightweight, tough as heck, looks incredible and most important of all,  it is so easy to set up a child can do it - literally!