Here's our little friend, Claire (she's just turned 8!), putting our awning up for us.
It's worth noting that she had never seen either the van or the awning before.
She gets the sides up in about a minute, then it's just the usual poles and guy ropes!!
claire courtsy

Here's a quick demo of how the set up works
set up video

Here is a set of videos primarily related to installing and/extending sailtracks - don't worry, none of them is very long!

1 Fitting the standard one and a half tracks   Video 1

Detailed instructions to install the standard Avan one and a half tracks especially for those who don't have any sail tracks at all.

2 Prepping for track extension     Video 2

This discusses the issues involved with track extension, including the care kit, assessing roof clearance and the minor mods to the van.

3. Fitting the slidey bit   Video 3

How to install the removable section, how to make lag screws work and making the small notch for roof to clear the new track.

4. Fitting the top piece     Video 4

How to install the top section of track including details of how to relocate the bungee, use of the bungee mount bracket (part of the "care kit") and trimming the front roof edge to provide access for awning to sail track opening.

5 Fitting R-clips   Video 5

Last job (or possibly only job if you aren't installing any tracks) is fitting R clips to retain the rods when in use and in transit.

6 Remove/replace Bungee   Video 6

Installing the extension is easier without the bungees. Here's the easy way to remove and refit them. (Also useful if you're just replacing the bungees)