Feedback and Gallery

sueHere is a gallery of some customers' awning pics. Use the arrows to navigate and click any thumb to see fullsize. (If you have some pics you wouldn't mind sharing, we'd love to add them!)

And here is some of the wonderful public feedback we've received from customers. If I may be so bold as to summarise all the comments, they boil down to:

  • "love the awning";
  • "looks great";
  • "works really well";
  • "easy to set up and take down"; and
  • "service superb".

Which is fabulous because that's exactly what we're aiming at!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Love, Annie & Col xx

"I love my new awning from A for Awnings. All the details needed are on the website, which made it so easy & enjoyable to put up. Thank you so much Annie & Col Pike."

"It was so easy to put up! No hassles at all. Once I got the poles adjusted to the right heights I tapped the exact measurements on the poles for next time. It stood up to strong winds and rain really well. The best investment I have made to complement Avalynne the Aframe yet. Thanks Col and Annie."

"I went with purple and love it."

"My first time setting up my awning made by Col Pike (aforawnings) It was so easy. I love it"

"Col has to be one of the easiest people to work with and super helpful in getting us sorted. We love our awning and the magic is that it takes a short time to attach and it is done with the van already set up."

"We have the wonderful A for Awnings awning from Annie & Col Pike and it is the best thing we have bought for our A Van"

"Col Pike... you need to hear it again, best awning ever!"

"Over the last couple of days, it has been raining & very windy in Adelaide, & it has stayed in place, with no leaks."

"Finally set up my aforawning aframe awning on my aliner, to see how i could manage on my own. It was very easy to do. I am going to enjoy my purple awning, thank you Annie Col Pike for making it."

"Col Pike is a genius. Love our new awning. Thank you Col and Annie."

"Thanks Col. Awning stood up to solid day of rain and 2 days of heavy gusty winds on our trip to Darlington Park recently. Very impressed. So light and easy to put up. "

"We had heavy rain on our last trip and it stayed dry underneath. But we took it down one night when a big storm came through because we were worried about the wind. We would have taken the canvas one down in similar conditions (and have had to do so).But this was a zillion times easier to take down and put back up so we didn't mind at all. It was so easy to take down and put back up again the next morning."

"A few perfect peaceful days to try out our new awning! Thank you Col Pike and Annie. So easy and light, and it even rained a little and we remained dry. Love it!"

"Thanks Annie & Col Pike for the awning."

"Super grateful for the fabulous service by Annie & Col Pike"

"Very Happy with our new awning from Col Pike & Annie . Super Easy to set up. We love the colour too. Still in strict lockdown in Melbourne so we set it up in our driveway and enjoyed morning tea under our new awning & made plans for future getaways. Thanks Col, so helpful & efficient, highly recommend."

"Thanks Col Pike and Annie. The awning looks great and easy to put up and take down."

"We are so thrilled with our new Col Pike “Aforawning”. So incredibly easy to put up, great color and easy to store. Brilliant customer service and attention from Col. We have an off road van, so we got extra length put on the side walls. Thank you so much Col & Annie."

"Great awning and great price."

"Weather not that great, but enjoyed putting up the Pike owning. Very happy! I can totally recommend it."

"Looks fantastic. Is that one of Annie and Col's awnings?"... "Yes. 2nd time using. We love it."

"Travelling around in WA. Perth (new awning thanks to Annie & Col from A for awnings). it’s fantastic, thanks Col. So easy to put up and take down."

"Col Pike awning works a treat"

"Finally got to put my new Aqua Awning up properly today!! I love it….so light and easy!"