Especially for the newcomers to camping, here's a list of some things you'll need to go with your awning.


From a camping store eg BCF:

  • Poles - adjustable. You'll need 4.(Tip: when you get them and have adjusted to the right height, mark them with a laundry marker to save time next time).
  • Pads are useful to put the poles on - they stop your pole sinking in the sand or mud!
  • Guy ropes. Get a packet. You need 4 or 6 depending on whether you like to use 2 per corner or just one at 45 degrees.  Make sure they have a secure loop at one end and a good gripper at the other.
  • Springs. These absorb the shock of high wind gusts and are invaluable. You'll need one per guy rope.
  • Tent pegs. These can be bang in types or screw in types (eg "supapeg") - the latter is infinitely better!. You'll need 4 or 6 for the guys and another 4 for the awning sides, so it's  8 or 10.

From a hardware store eg Bunnings:

  • If you have bang-in pegs, you'll need a mallet.
  • If you go for screw-in pegs you'll need a drill  "Ryobi one" is a very popular entry level drill/driver. It often comes in a package deal with battery and charger - all of which you'll need.
  • With the screw-in option, you'll also need a 13mm "nutsetter" in order to use your drill to screw the pegs.
  • Pack of 4 mini-bugees to hook the awning sides onto their anchor pegs.
  • A roll of thin nylon rope (about two and a half millimetres is fine - the stuff  you'd use for blinds) to anchor the "flapover" to the roof latch on the other side of the van.

One-off getting the van ready stuff:

  • Bolts. (2) to lock the ends of the sailtrack and prevent rods falling out.
  • Good quality glue to fix bolts on (eg selleys araldite - 2 part epoxy)
  • Rubber strip - to help weatherproof the awning if you aren't extending the sailtrack. This is optional. (Morodayrubber rectangle, 9mm*25mm*3m)

bolt in pack



moroday rubber